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Tuesday, June 02, 2020
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Your angel is standing by

1:185,000; Angels are available
Your angel is standing by, as you cry out to the Lord, victory is sure.
Hezekiah was facing a battle that was lost, by every human standard. He called on the Lord of Hosts, the captain of the armies of heaven. His call was heard and heavenly armies dispatched to salvage the situation. Only one angel destroyed 185,000 soldiers of the enemy. Victory was granted.
3 emissaries were sent by the king of Assyria to weaken the faith of Hezekiah and the people of Judah - Tartan, Rabsaris and Rab-sha-keh.
  • Tartan is a title meaning Commander in Chief
  • Rabsaris is a title meaning Chief Officer
  • Rab-sha-keh is a title meaning Chief of Staff or Governor
These represents the 3 staff of offices the enemy uses to afflict, disorganise or pressurise you and the people of God.
These are the 3 fold agents of the kingdom of darkness:
  • principalities
  • powers
  • rulers of darkness of this age, spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places
Note the 3rd category is a ruler having demonic horde/agents under his rule. Rab-sha-keh came with 'a great host'
These were taken care of by the Angel of God.
As soon as these were dealt with, their master - the king of Assyria, representing the prince of this world - satan went away in shame and was dealt with through other means.
All these groups were dealt with just by an Angel.
Your angel is standing by. Just cry out to the Lord.