Greetings beloved in the name of Jesus Christ. We thank God for your life. Please note that we have reopened the church for services on Sunday September 13th at 10am and look forward to seeing you and yours. Kindly use masks covering your nose and mouth when coming. We will also have masks available. We do love you but will practise social distancing. Please stay home if you are sick and pray the personal pandemic prayers and God will heal you in Jesus name. For those of us who are not in the Barrie area or cannot make it to church do continue to pray along with us and for us. May God continue to keep and bless us all in Jesus name. Do refer to the Services page for more information. Also feel free to use the pages on Prayers for the month, Pandemic: Your balm of refuge and healing in uncertain times; and other materials on the website including the media section for specific prayers. Keep safe and God keep you in Jesus name.
God's Solution Ministries
Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Your challenges may be many, like that of the righteous man in Psalm 34:19. The God who delivers the righteous from all their afflictions; He will deliver you! You will rejoice! You will sit on your throne! in Jesus mighty name! Amen.
The Jebusite spirit - Contenders of destiny, do not want people to get to their throne. When adversaries failed in preventing David’s decoration, by the time he was decorated with kingship, the Jebusites refused him entry into the headquarters of his kingdom. In 2 Samuel 5:6-9; they did not want him to walk into and fulfill His destiny, from a position of peace. Not only was entry refused, they started taunting, hurling insults and antagonizing David. The Bible says nevertheless, David defeated the Jebusites, took the city, renamed it the ‘City of David’, ‘the stronghold of Zion’ and ruled from there. As the Jebusites failed concerning David, your antagonists will fail. They could not prevent David from sitting on his throne – you will sit on your throne! in Jesus mighty name!
The Jebusites were silenced forever!
May every spirit of the Jebusites be silenced; concerning you and your loved ones, in Jesus mighty name! Amen.