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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Deal with your Apharsathchites!

The name Apharsathchites mean dividing or rending.These are also deceivers. These are forces, situations and people who allow themselves to be used as agents of division, destruction or pulling down glorious things you are trying to build.
When the children of Israel were trying to re-build the temple in Ezra 4, the Apharsathchites and other enemies came to them and said: we would like to build with you.
Imagine an enemy that does not want your progress building the foundation blocks that will make you successful? When the Israelites said ‘no’ to their offer, they hired counsellors against them to frustrate their efforts. Note they did not hire soldiers or mercenaries, but counsellors. Bible states in the multitude of counsel there is safety, ensure, however, that you are listening to godly counsel. The children of Israel succeeded in re-building the temple, Jerusalem and the walls of the city.
To deal successfully with your Apharsathchites, you must:
1. Discern them by the Holy Spirit
2. Respond, don’t react to them, with an answer of peace
3. Do not let them build with you
4. Lay hold of prophecies that will strengthen your hands and make you build successfully (Ezra 5:1-2)
It is my prayer that attempts to pull you down will fail. You will reach your goal; may you fulfill your God given purpose in Jesus mighty name! May God give you the grace to discern and stop friendly committed destroyers in Jesus mighty name! You will escape their plans and come out well in Jesus name!