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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Let God Speak Part 2

Genesis 1:4-25

From the beginning, God created great things out of nothing by His Word. Out of the earth that was formless and empty, at first God declared and brought out great things. First, He declared light into that darkness, then, He saw that it was good. He declared morning and evening, night and day, the firmament, moon and sun; divided and gathered the mighty waters; named the dry land earth, the waters - oceans, He called forth grass, seeds, fruits, animals, etc. He called forth great things from that same earth that was once empty. God can and will do same in your life and situation if you surrender all to Him, trusting that He can and will do it, no matter how long it might look.

Oh God that created great, wonderful and useful things out of the once formless and void earth, I surrender my life and all to You, by Your Word, create something good out of every ugly situation in my life. Turn my trials into testimonies. Through my challenges, make me a champion, Jesus name! Amen!

Then, God separated light from darkness, the darkness that once covered the deep became useful because God separated it and it became the night through which the moon can show forth God's glory by its moonlight. Also, a time when man can sleep and get enough rest for next day. And the brighter light at daytime, to the glory of God and to bless man. The darkness that once covered the surface of the deep in the beginning became a raw material in God's hands for better things. God can do more for you. That confusion, frustration, heavy burden or stubborn situations that seems permanent, God can manufacture something beneficial out of it for your life.

Oh God that never changes, as I surrender all to You,  glorify Your name in my life and situation, turn my problems into raw materials for finished products of blessing and greatness in my life, in Jesus name! Amen!

Jesus is Lord!