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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Genesis 3

 Genesis Chapter 3:1-24:  

·         The Fall 

·         Deceit  

·         Complacency  

·         Disobedience

Chapter Account:

Serpent, the most devious of all animals created by God, asked the woman if God actually instructed them not to eat of  all the trees in the garden. The woman said no, except the one in the center of the garden, from which they should neither touch nor eat, to avoid death. However, the serpent deceived her, that she will not certainly die; but that God actually knew that if they ate it, their eyes would be opened and they would be like God, understanding good and evil. And when she noticed that the tree was edible, pleasurable to sight, and a desirable tree for wisdom, she ate it, offered some to her husband (Adam), and he ate too. Their eyes opened, they realized their nakedness, so they stitched leaves together to cover their nudity. When they heard God’s voice as He walked in the garden on a calm day, they hid amongst the trees from His presence. However, God asked the man where he (Adam) was. Adam replied that he was he was frightened by God’s voice in the garden, and since he was nude, and he hid himself. God asked how he knew he was naked, and if he had eaten from the tree that He (God) forbade them to eat. Adam said; the woman that God gave him made him eat it. When God asked the woman what she had done, Eve said that the serpent lured her, and she ate. For this, God cursed the serpent to slither on its belly and eat dust for the rest of its life. God also set enmity between the woman, between the serpent’s seed and her seed; to hurt its head and for serpent to hurt her heel. God told the woman that He (God), will seriously intensify her pain in childbirth, and her aspiration will always be for her husband, who will always dominate her. And for listening to the his wife, to eat the fruit against God’s will, God cursed the ground due to Adam’s action; to forever labour painfully before eating; the ground to yield thorns and thistles for him; he will feed on plants by his sweat until he returns to the soil from which he was created, and there shall he return. Adam named his wife Eve, being the mother of all living. God clothed both of them with skin clothing. And God said had become like ‘us’, differentiating between good and evil. So, before laying his hands on the tree of life to live forever, God ejected him from the garden of Eden, to cultivate the ground from which he was formed. God placed Cherubims with a revolving flaming sword on the east of Eden garden to secure the tree of life.



1.    Ever loving and compassionate Father, I worship You

2.    Ever faithful Father I thank You

3.    My Father, have mercy on me and forgive me of all my inadequacies, in Jesus name.

4.    That crafty ancient serpent that is set to tempt me to disobey God in any area, I say NO, NO, NO to all your tactics, deceits, and ways, in Jesus name.

5.    The ancient serpent set to lure me away from God’s divine purpose for my life and destiny, I raise the blood of Jesus against you, and I overcome you, in Jesus name.

6.    Eve shifted her focus from her God-ordained assignment to attend to the serpent. I say NO to any crafty serpent set to make me loose focus and direction from my walk with God, in Jesus name.

7.    The serpent succeeded in engaging Eve in that dangerous conversation that robbed her of  God immeasurable plans for her life. I say NO to anything that will make me give attention to other assignments contrary to God purpose for my life, in Jesus name.

8.    Oh God my Father, help me; let my anchor hold firmly to you the solid Rock, so that I will not be dragged away from Your divine presence into the council of the devil, in Jesus name.

9.    I reject the forbidden fruit of idleness, distractions, disobedience, complacency, regrets, nakedness, shame, and death, in Jesus name.

10. The guilt of disobedience made Adam and Eve to hide from God’s voice and presence when they sensed Hid presence and heard His voice in the garden. My Father and my Help, whatever will make me hide myself from You or bury my face in shame from Your presence, deliver me from it and chase it far way from me, in Jesus name.

11. Eve did not shut her eyes ,  mouth, and the door of her heart to the short-term sweetness and  pleasure of sin that ensnared her, neither did Adam.  My Father and my God, help me to be willing to shut my eyes, mouth, and heart against the short-term pleasure that sin and its desire have to offer in Jesus name.

12. Adam the supposed leader, failed in his duty to guide Eve against disobedience; he descended to the same level of sin and disobedience. My Father, help me not to fail in my duty to You. Help me not to lead others in Your way and will and not join others to offend you, in Jesus name.

13.  Eve served as a stumbling block to Adam by inviting him to eat the forbidden fruit. By Your help oh Lord, I refuse to be a stumbling block to make others fall away from Your path and will, in Jesus name.

14. Adam blamed Eve for his mistake instead of realizing, accepting his mistakes, and pleading for forgiveness, possibly, God might have pardoned him. Oh God, my Father, help me to realize my mistake(s); where I have fallen and return to You and by Your grace and help, amend my ways, in Jesus name.

15. Help me not to be blaming other for my mistakes or problems, and miss your purpose and forgiveness, in Jesus name.

16. Adam and Eve sold their precious and everlasting opportunity of God’s incomparable presence of peace, joy, and labour-free life in the Garden of Eden just for a bite of fruit. Oh God, My Father, help me to treasure You and all You have freely given me, more than any other thing that the world has to offer, in Jesus name.

17. Adam and Eve reaped curses; hardship and spiritual death for themselves and their descendants, in place of their God-ordained destiny; divine providence; everlasting life and peace in a blissful garden. My Father and my God, help me not to sell my soul to the serpent (devil) for sinful pleasure (disobedience to God), in Jesus name.

18. Adam and Eve did not treasure God’s precious gift, His divine presence, that consistent, unique fellowship with God in the garden. They lost everything to the serpent’s empty deceit. They were driven out of the garden, away from God’s presence into hard labour. My Father, help me to treasure Your divine presence more than anything, in Jesus name.

19. By Your grace oh Lord, I will not reject Your unfailing Love, loose my divine inheritance in You and end up as a vagabond in endless suffering, help me oh Lord, in Jesus name. Amen.

20. Father, please, help me not to make that wrong choice that will rob me of your awesome presence, in Jesus name.

21. Thank You Lord, in Jesus name. Amen.


Ayobola Olusegun-Emmanuel