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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Genesis 1

Genesis Chapter 1:1-31

·         The Creator from the Beginning

·         The Potency of God’s Word to Recreate and Transform.


Chapter Account:

Right from inception, God made the heavens and the earth. At first, the universe was shapeless and hollow, with darkness on the deep while His Spirit lingered over the waters. However, out of the shapelessness, hollowness, and  gloominess, in six days, by His Word, God declared light to be; He separated the light from the dark, made the day and the night, the morning and the evening, and He observed the goodness of the light. He also declared the firmaments amidst the waters to split the waters above it (which He called Heaven) from the waters below it, which God gathered as the oceans, and the dry land as the Earth from which He called forth the vegetation to flourish. He made the Sun, the Moon, and the stars. He formed the sky flying birds and the living creatures in the waters and land to richly reproduce. He formed man (male and female) in His likeness, freely fed them from the vegetation. He blessed them; to be productive, proliferate, refill the earth, control it and the creatures therein. God noted that everything that He made was good.


1.    Oh God, according to Your Word, You are the Creator of all things, and You  are God all by Yourself. I worship and I thank You for Who You are. I reverence Your Majesty.

2.    Thank you for the past, present and the future. Thank You for all You have done, for all You are doing, and for all you will yet do, in Jesus name.

3.    Father, in the beginning You spoke into the confusion, shapelessness, hollowness and  gloominess of the world. Your Spirit moved into action and there was order. Oh Lord, Your Word is Powerful. Therefore, declare Your peace and order into every chaotic situation of my life today, in Jesus name.

4.    Father, in the beginning, You declared Light to be on the earth, You separated light from darkness. Oh Lord, shine Your light into very dark area of my life, and deliver me from the power of darkness, in Jesus name.

5.    Initially Lord, Your Spirit was wondering over the deep and perhaps, could not penetrate because of the darkness that engulfed the deep, until You spoke to it. Father, today, declare your Word of light into every dark situation of my life that has been hindering the move of Your Spirit and power, in Jesus name.

6.    Father, You made something good out of nothing. From the formlessness, emptiness, and gloominess of the universe, You brought forth the beautiful Heaven and Earth. Arise today oh Lord and do the same in my life. Let my life manifest You

7.   Oh Lord, Like  You turned darkness into light,  turn my ugly situations into beauty, my weeping to joy, my pain to gain, my weakness to strength, my trials to testimonies  and my darkness into a shinning light, in Jesus name.

8.    Father, You created me in your image, to fulfill Your purpose on earth; to be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth, subdue it, and to have dominion over all Your creatures. Oh God, from now onward, let my entire life receive a new touch from You, and begin to fulfill Your purpose for my life, in Jesus name.

9.    Father, Just as the world could not resist the potency of Your Word in the beginning, but moved in line with Your will, and was created beautifully,  likewise, let my entire life move in line with your will, to fulfill Your divine purpose for creating me, in Jesus name.

10. Thank You Lord, in Jesus name.  Amen.


 By Ayobola Olusegun-Emmanuel (PhD)