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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

2024 Prophecies: Year of His Majesty - The Year of Even Greater!

Welcome to the Reign of His Majesty

YEAR 2024: Year of His Majesty – The Year of Even Greater!

Prophecies for 2024

For as many as allow God to reign in their lives:

·       2024 is the year of His Majesty.

·       A year of The Majestic King.

·       A Season of His power.

·       A period of the application His authority.

·       A Year of His Kingdom - His reign that is more powerful than the reign of other powers.

·       A Season of fulfillment.

·       A Season of joy.

·       A Season of His peace, tranquility, and gladness.

·       A Season of His reign.


·       A year of God's beautiful reign in the lives of those who allow God to reign in their lives.

·       A year of strange supernatural healing and deliverance.

·       A year of stepping into beneficial employment.

·       Much of the general situation in 2023 will be carried over into 2024, but it will not touch those who are on the Lord's side. So those on the Lord's side have nothing to fear.

·       A year of blessed marriages for those looking for marriage partners.  There will be many connections this year and many marriages leading to joy and divine settlement.

·       A year of positive upward beneficial financial repositioning.

·       A year of deliverance from debt.



·       A year of my glory.


·       Pray for the political front.

·       Pray that our leaders will follow the counsel of God for the nation.

·       Beneficial changes are coming that will benefit the people.


Prayers are needed to:

·       End ongoing wars.

·       Prevent more wars.

·       There will be huge scientific breakthroughs that will make things more efficient and reduce stress on people.

·       Pray against drought.

  • Pray against famine.