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Friday, March 01, 2024

2011 Prophecies: Year of Divine Progress

Year 2011 – Year of Divine Progress

Scripture: The Lord shall increase you more and more you and your children. Ps 115:14
2011 is a year of answered prayers.
In this year, some ailments that have been from birth will be addressed.
In 2011, buried stars will be resurrected.
Year 2011 is a year of divine announcement.
…You will be divinely announced in 2011. Men will seek you out. You will be a treasured possession. What you cannot do on your own, God will do for you; in Jesus mighty name! Amen.
The Lord said that progress could be positive or negative. You don’t just want progress, but only positive progress, that is, increase; hence the verse on increase.
The Lord is particularly interested in children this year. Parents, the Lord says that your children will succeed. Children, God says that you will make positive progress this year and it will be well concerning you. Your parents will not weep concerning you and their efforts on you will not be fruitless labor. Your parents/caregivers will look at you and smile. The Lord will smile at you.
Speaking to children specifically, the Lord says:
-         You will not lack moisture needed to grow. What you need to grow, you will not lack. Mentally, you will not strain to get things     done, in Jesus mighty name.
-         Plants provide fruit which sustain life. Your lives will be positively fruitful. Generations will be sustained by you.
-         You will grow. Where your growth has been stunted, held back, or you have not measured up to equals you will recover, catch up and overtake, in the mighty name of Jesus.
-         Fruits in their youth, their prime, such as maize are a blessing. Your life will sustain lives, your community and nations.
For Divine progress to happen, you need to walk in divine partnership, holiness, record your progress, don’t ignore prophecies, work at it, pray and sow your seed.