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Sunday, October 22, 2017
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2011 Prophecies: Year of Divine Progress
2012 Prophecies: Year of Divine Liftings!
2013 Prophecies: Year of the King of Glory
2014 Prophecies: Year of Fulfillment
2015 Prophecies: Year of Greatness
2016 Prophecies: Year of Supernatural Lifting
2017 Prophecies: A Year of Supernatural Advancement
Strengthening and Encouragement
A New Begining
And the river went out...
Angels are available
Are you in His Presence?
Are you suffering for their sins?
Athaliah will fail concerning you
Attacked from before and behind? You will win!
Come what may...
Congratulations on your election!
Congratulations! - You are a midwife!
Covenanted by Salt?
Cry Out!
Deal with your Apharsathchites!
Deal With Your Herod
Deal With Your Herod - Part 2
Destined to Reign
Destroying the future?
Divine Power
Divine Visitation?
Do you measure up?
Don’t Die
Don’t leave your servant there!
Don't be surprised! - You can jump over walls!
Don't rely on the fake
Dream Liftings!
Found by Mercy!
From king to kingmaker
Get Ready! Exceptional favor is coming!
Get ready! The impossible will be possible for you!
Give kudos to the Governor!
Give Thanks
Go out!
God cares about you
God is with you
God of creativity
God still plants gardens...
God will be faithful to you
God will guide you by the skillfulness of His hands
God will strengthen you
Greater Heights!
Handcuff Your Jonadab!
He is holding you!
He is risen!
He loves hearing your voice
He will complete it!
His grace is all you need
His Love is Everlasting...
Hosanna in the Highest!
How are you faring?
I Will Rise
In chains?
In the name of...
In What?
In your face? (1)
In your face? (2)
Is your ally with you?
Ishbosheth: Powers are Powers!
It is finished!
King Arad must bow!
King Hezekiah: Keep your secrets secret!
King of the Future
Look Around!
May God Remember You in His Faithfulness
May God send you a helper!
More than a conqueror
Nauseating? Turn...!
Negative prophecies shall fail.
No one but you!
Pointing fingers! Watch for withers!
Positive or negative growth
Rest from anxiety
Sennacherib will not prevail over you!
Set up?
Shallum: Retribution and Significance
Strength in times of failings
Suffering Triumphantly?
The Light that lightens...
The Lord is passing by!
The Lord Remembers You!
The still small voice!
These turn of events...
Tingling ears
Victory is sure!
Watch your building!
Welcome To A New Season!
Welcome to completion!
When you are up against the wall: Face the wall
Where do you stand?
Where will you run to?
Which God?
Which path? - Colorado Killings: You shall not be next...
Will you be honored?
Wrong accusation will not prevail!
You have been warned
You are Blessed!
You will be marvelously helped!
You will be victorious
You will sing!
Your angel is standing by
Your fire will come down!
Your much required Second Touch!
Zechariah: Defeating conspiracies and seasoned conspirators